Raw. Vegan. Tasty.


The Client

The word goûter translates from the French as "taste," but it's a deeper kind of taste. Drawing on the owner's Belgian heritage, she conceived of a yoga-inspired organic raw pressed juice company based in Washington, DC. But it wasn't all about juice; it was about living the "Goûter Life."

The Challenge

Create a modern brand that reflects the existing brand equity, while developing a system that can be leveraged for packaging and multi-channel marketing.

The Result

After over 800 hours sketching, prototyping, and developing the logo, a new vision for a growing brand came to fruition. The new Goûter logo and packaging evokes the shape of their signature bottle, creating a harmonious synergy.

The Process

A multi-year process, it all started with a sketches in my little composition book. Then dozens more sketches. Long sessions of collaborative design, punctuated by "tonic breaks," defined this unconventional approach to logo design. There were three evolutions of the Goûter brand. 


The evolution of a label.