Building Creative Teams: Asked & Answered

[I wrote a post on the blogMedium and LinkedIn too—earlier in the week where I discussed what it takes to build a great creative team that drives innovation at every level of an organization.]

I often like to say I "craft the future," and I love to "do good work." But what does that really mean? To me, that means understanding that diversity in life experience beyond the traditional racial/gender roles is just as important as skill set.

Obviously, when hiring someone, they need to be able to do the job at hand and do it in a way that's in line with your aesthetic. But, How do you measure a candidate's capacity for empathy? How can you quantify their EQ (emotional intelligence)? And, how good are they at listening?

Through the years I've developed some questions that I think really drill down into a person which enables me to have a deeper understanding. So, I decided to delve into this subject a bit more, including answering my own questions.

Now watch this video: