Fun with Light

In celebration of the ingenuity and courage of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and because I am mildly obsessed with what we humans can do and what we dream is possible—a.k.a. The Superfuture—I wanted to share with you some really cool things that people are doing with light. I see some of these as an extension of the 3-D black light posters I used to hang on my walls when I was in high school. I am humbled by the ingenuity of these talented individuals and companies.

I've often said that photography isn't the art of putting people in the frame, it's capturing the light off of your subjects. Lighting is so important, in film and in photography. I see a lot of young filmmakers who have lots of energy and a unique perspective, but their fundamental lack of knowledge about the basics of lighting and other artistic principles come out in the final product. The details are really important.