Getting Blown

Every once in a while I stumble across something truly awesome on the intertubes. It's usually something I put in the "superfuture" category, but this time it is the photography of Latvian photographer Tadao Cern. In his series called "blow job" he captured hilariously distorted expressions of people who are getting blown in the face by a powerful leaf blower. When I was a youngster I called this a break. As my father often reminded us, God didn't give him boys so he could hire a landscaper. And because my brother suffered from asthma and allergies, guess who shouldered the burden of lawn chores? That's right, yours truly. So with hundreds of oak, elm and maple trees on our property, each producing about 600,000 leaves annually, there was no better tool in the garage than the leaf blower at wrangling the millions that fell each season. Even on cooler autumn afternoons I would be dripping in sweat. And what better way for a young boy to cool off than to blow air at your face and head at 60+ miles an hour? While I never captured my expressions on camera, I would imagine they looked something like this:

See more of Tadao Cern's "Blow Job" images on his Facebook page here: