Favorite Selects from AI's Passion for Fashion

These are just some selects from Tuesday and Wednesday's shooting for The Art Institutes' Passion for Fashion Competition. It's a really fun project, from the judging which happens in New York in January, to Fashion Week where the national winners in Fashion Design (Elizabeth Acosta) and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising (Ivy Holland) tour fashion shows, visit Seventeen Magazine for a tour of "The Closet" and have lunch with editors, and receive their award of a full tuition scholarship to the Art Institutes. Teen.com TV was also there for the awards ceremony on Wednesday.

More photos can be seen on my Flickr Photostream. Read more about The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition and look at all my my work. I've done all the photos and video for The Art Institutes for the last 4 years. They're a great client and it's great working with them!

Our other competitions with Ai: Best Teen Chef and Poster Design Competition.

(I will let you all know when my photos are in Seventeen Magazine and when the video is available online!)