Anonymous Invisible

On June 1, 2015, I took the most important and significant photo of my nearly 20-year career as a photographer. In "Briggs Street," I found my artistic raison d’être.

"Briggs Street"

Here is a street I had seen multiple times a day for nearly nine months straight. Yet on that day I saw it in a whole new way. Through a combination of factors, including a series of custom settings I had previously input into the camera, I created an entirely new photographic method. 

Since jumping back into photography with both feet in 2015 after a multi-year hiatus, I’ve looked for a new “story” to tell in my photography. I wanted to develop a story that would translate well into a proper gallery show. While it’s been years since my last public exhibition, producing a gallery show of my photographic work still remains one of the most important short term goals.

I consider myself first and foremost a storyteller, not only in my words, but also in my art and design work. Professionally, I’ve worked to create brands that resonate, and tell the stories of my clients and their products with imagery that elicits impassioned and emotional responses. However, when it comes to my own work and self-branding, this is where I have struggled the most.

For most of my life, I have been involved in some way with the cause of homelessness. Whether it was helping my father collect and distribute coats to the homeless from the trunk of our car on cold winter days, or volunteering for homeless shelters as an adult, this is a community that has never been invisible to me. Yet, as a society, we view the street-living homeless as a piece of infrastructure: gray, ever-present, but something to be ignored and forgotten. With the Anonymous Invisible series, I hope to change that.


Serving the homeless has been my life's mission. Photography has been my life's work. Since June of 2015, I've combined my two greatest passions in my "Anonymous Invisible" project documenting and highlighting the plight of the visible yet anonymous homeless who live among us in our cities. I want to bring beauty to a subject we so often avoid in order to spur conversation and inspire action. 

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"Anonymous 2"
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"Anonymous 2" is the second image in my Anonymous Invisible series covering the anonymous and invisible homeless who live among us, yet a world apart.

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